In addition to the rougher black magic spells, Chief Magara is also a master of the softer white magic spells. he is been using them to heal millions around the world for years.

white magic spells by Chief Magara

White magic spells speak of fair and positive outcomes. They are about begetting goodness in life but without causing any harm to others. In fact, it’s this particular fact that separates white magic from black magic.

The universe is full of both positive and negative energies. White magic spells work to channelize the positive energy and make it to fulfill our desires and wishes. In other words, these spells help one to connect with supernatural powers like Gods & Goddesses, spirits, Voodoo deities, and so on.

The connection is made possible through the process of Invocation. And what is that? Well, Invocation can be defined as a process – often a spell or prayer or ritual- through which the spell caster calls & draws energy into his or her own body. You need to have powerful energy inside you to make the magic work for you. Invocation helps you to develop that power within yourself.

There are different ways of invocation.  One is where you concentrate strongly on supernatural energy or deity through songs, prayers, and presents. The second process involves everything mentioned above and some magical techniques as well.

Use of white magic

White magic spells can be used to address a number of concepts which could be anything from love to money to a commitment to friendship to the protection and so on. You can use these magic spells when you are looking to charm your crush or need some steady cash flow to get rid of debt.

However, you can’t expect success with white magic spells if you have evil or exploitative intentions in mind. For example, you can’t succeed in a magic money spell if you are eyeing to increase your wealth with other’s hard-earned money. Then, you can’t use white magic against someone’s free will.

A magic altar is really crucial if you want to practice white magic seriously. The altar is the place where you will be casting most of your magic. It’s best to dedicate a special room for the altar as it’s something holy and sacred. When it comes to white magic, it’s best to choose a wooden altar.

Chief Magara magic

Wood is a natural thing and hence will help you to connect with natural energies in a more powerful way.  It could be your antique coffee table, storage chest, and nightstand, and so on. Expert’s advice to go for round altars since it becomes simpler to move around them. It’s to note here that you must pray to your altar every day. More prayer is offered to the altar, the stronger it will be.

Where can you get white magic spells? Well, things have got a lot simpler in the modern digital world. In fact, there are a bunch of websites online that offer white magic spells. Some of these sites offer spells free of cost. You can try these spells yourself or you can contact a professional spell caster to do the spell for you. Just make sure the spell caster is a seasoned and knowledgeable professional and is backed by happy clients.

Which is the strongest between White and Black Magic?

Magick (sic) is the “art and science of causing change to occur in conformity with Will” (according to Aleister Crowley anyway). This means that any intentional act of thought, word, or deed is a magickal act. Even if we want to restrict the idea of magick to spooky ceremonies, it will still come down to the intentions/purpose of and for the ceremony, so regardless it is the nature of the intention that needs to be focused on.

The Difference between Black Magic and White Magic by Chief Magara

So, setting aside the possibility of contacting so-called spirits or making things happen in a non-scientific way (which may be nothing more than wishful thinking) I am going to take this question to mean “which is more powerful, ‘black’ intentions or ‘white’ intentions’?

But what do we mean by ‘black’ and ‘white’? I suppose the common idea behind this question is good or bad magick, though associating ‘black’ with ‘bad’ and ‘white’ with ‘good’ is purely social conditioning and really unwarranted. In the Taoist yin-yang symbol, the white side and dot in the black side indicate yang energy which is not necessarily ‘good’, just more active (as most people are in the daytime) while the black side indicates yin energy which is not necessarily ‘bad,’ just the more passive and receptive side (as most people are in the nighttime when they sleep and their minds open up to dreaming).

Actually, having read the Autobiography of Malcolm X, I have really come to believe that constantly talking in terms of ‘black’ as ‘bad’ or ‘white’ as ‘good’ reinforces unconscious racism in the culture of at least American English speakers. And again, ‘white’ people are not really white nor a generic non-color. We are various shades in the crayon box, none of which are ‘white.’

Likewise, ‘black’ people would not use the ‘black’ crayon’ but various other shades, and for many these shades would even overlap with the ones some so-called ‘white’ people would use. Also, the whole concept that homo-sapiens are different races is very unscientific. I get into all this to challenge the underlying assumptions/associations of the question which I believe are very toxic.

So getting back to the question I am going to take it this way: “Which is more powerful? Wholesome positive and helpful intentions that build up oneself and the people around you, or unwholesome negative intentions that are harmful to others and ultimately self-destructive? Well, unpacked this way, the question kinds of answers itself doesn’t it?


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