Love binding spells by Chief Magara

This article was written in collaboration with one of the world’s most powerful spellcasters with over 41 years of experience in love magic. Let us introduce you to spellcaster- Sheikh Suleiman, an enchanter with expert knowledge of magic. It’s his insights that we used to write this article spells with pictures.


Love spell with pictures


According to spellcaster- Sheikh Suleiman, magic can help you be with someone whom you’ve never met in person. However, having been introduced to each other can still be not enough. It’s important that the person you love knows who you are and remembers you when your name comes up in a conversation.

It doesn’t matter what exactly the target remembers about you – your silly behavior, a funny joke you made, your beauty or friendliness. It’s important that he has a good impression of you (not a bad one!). Negative memories will push him away from you, while positive ones will help you draw his soul to yours.

Our guest claims some love spells with pictures by Chief Magara can help you get around the ban on using magic on strangers. One of them is intended to help you become friends with the person you want to be romantic with.

Love binding spell by Chief Magara

How do you start casting a spell?

To start off, be honest with yourself. Ask yourself how far you are from your loved one and give an honest answer. Everything is relative in magic. So the distance between you will be represented by measurement units of distance equal to the width of your palm. Understandably, you should use a large sheet of paper to place you and the target as far from each other as possible (up to ten UofM).

To begin with, draw yourself. If you’re a woman, draw yourself on the left side of the sheet. If you’re a man, draw yourself on the right side. If you’re a lesbian girl, draw yourself underneath the center of the sheet. Draw your potential partner above the center of the sheet. If you’re a gay man, draw yourself above the center of the sheet and your potential romantic partner underneath it.

Once you make this drawing, you trigger a love spell with pictures that will hopefully help you make the right choices.


Picture binding love spell

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Now answer the following questions to understand how far you are from each other.

  • He doesn’t know me – one UofM.
  • We don’t have any mutual friends who could introduce us to each other – plus one UofM.
  • I’m not ready to spend 4 to 24 months casting a picture binding love spell – make a note.
  • We see each other less than once a week – plus one UofM.
  • We don’t look at each other in the eye and sometimes he doesn’t even notice me – plus on UofM.
  • He’s seeing someone else or is married – add some more distance.
  • I believe the target is out of my league in terms of his looks, job, social status, wealth – plus one UofM.
  • I’ve always been unlucky in love – plus one UofM.
  • I’m addicted to food or alcohol – plus one UofM.
  • I’m usually tired, weak, and depressed – plus one UofM.

Measure the right distance and draw your loved one. It doesn’t matter how well you can draw. The ritual will work even if you draw arms and legs as lines and a circle with two dots as the face.

Binding love spells with pictures








Note that if you’re 10, 9, or 8 palm widths apart, the spell won’t work. Draw a giant “X” on both sides of the paper. Then fold it and put it away. Your only option is professional magic services.



You can order them from Chief Magara. This wizard offers fast and high-quality love spells honoring each person’s right to love and happiness.

If the distance is 4 to 8 palm widths, it’ll be quite difficult for you to attract the person you love. It’ll take you over a year, provided you perform magic daily. It’s not difficult but many people refuse to wait this long. And they’re right. Why wait if a trained spellcaster is able to give you the relationship you want in just a few weeks?

If there are under 4 palm widths between you, casting this spell will still take you about a year. Just remember to perform the ritual every day. Otherwise, the spell will be broken. If you skip a day for any reason, you’ll have to start over.


Love spells with picture

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Many love spells with pictures by Chief Magara are pretty straightforward. This one is still the easiest. Every evening put a candle on the table, light it, put one hand on your photo and the other hand on the photo of your beloved, and utter the following incantation. Make sure your breathing doesn’t make the flame flicker. Even flame makes for better rituals.

The incantation:

“You (name) are far away from me. But I (name) am even further. There is emptiness between us. There is darkness in between us. There is a wall of people in between us. There is no love between us. But there are three paths: my love, my hope, and our destiny.

We’ll take these paths to find each other. We’ll go slowly but get closer to each other with each step. Here is a fire burning. It’s my love. It’s our destiny. It’s my desire to be with you. While it’s burning, nothing can keep us apart – neither people nor darkness or emptiness! Come to me! Come to me! Come to me! Come to me the way I am coming to you!”

Repeat the last sentence 7 times. As you do it, move your hands closer to the candle until they touch it on both sides. Blow out the candle. Roll up the sheet of paper with your drawing and put it away.

It’s hard to say when the spell will kick in. However, at some point, you’ll be introduced to each other. When it happens, draw yourself and your love on a new sheet of paper but make the distance between you shorter (at least one palm width shorter). Continue the ritual. Most likely it’ll help you win the heart of the person you love.

Spellcaster Suleiman reminds you that his spells n those of Chief Magara work much faster than any binding love spells with pictures. So it’s reasonable to hire Magara instead of spending months on occultism at home.  Magara understands that some readers can’t contact him for religious reasons, while others don’t believe in magic at all.

To change their mind, Chief Magara suggests reading his website. We can assure you that after reading just a few of his articles you’ll know for sure he’s your guy and his spells will help you. We, in our turn, guarantee that they will be fast, effective, powerful, reliable, and safe.

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