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Black magic spells by Chief Magara will help you erase the curse and negative influence of black magic on your Husband/boyfriend/girlfriend and or partner. These spells have been relevant in the lives of hundreds of Americans, Chinese, and Europeans over the years.

Spells are about intention more than the actual craft, although the crafting of the spell is important for its success. Think, for example, about the infamous voodoo doll. This is a magical practice from several traditions around the world, supposedly originating from Haitian Vodou, but sourcing on that statement is unreliable.

Symptoms of Black magic in your life

black magic in Humans

There are just some common symptoms known for humans but most symptoms are still unknown, and some symptoms could be similar to demonic possession. It always depends on the kind of entity serving the magic spells, some demons are stronger than others some are more possessive or weaker than other demons.

In general, I can tell you some of the commonly known signs are hearing voices, seeing shadows, objects could move, isolation, nightmares, or strange dreams like someone following you. Demons attacking you, seeing tall or short dark shadow people.

Mark or scratches on your body, getting happy suddenly, unexplained illness, or sudden pain. Heavy feeling on the shoulders by using the right knowledge and the right weapon you can not just get rid of the entity but also heal your body and soul.

Jinn or Satanic entities can cause humans to believe what they want and could also cause unreal events or dreams or create unreal reality. They could play with your brain or cause you to do evil thing by controlling your thoughts especially if this entity posses you.

Besides that, we have few kinds of Jinn which live among humans and could be sexually motivated or more attached to human emotions or cause especially women. If you know the nature of the jinn you would understand what I’m saying that the jinn nature somehow is low radiation waves of high or low electromagnetic waves go through objects and bodies. 

Paranormal experts and spiritual healers or ghost hunters should be very careful. You could be hurt badly in different ways or possessed or mentally influenced. In general Entities (demonic nature) not just can attract to people with such negative thoughts, mental illness, depression, etc but also could be the reason for humans’ negative thoughts and mental illness.

When a human is sad or depressed he becomes more vulnerable to negative dark forces( to access him) he becomes defenseless in front of these entities, the human being has something called Aura or the spiritual defense system, in severe sad situations or when he suffers from trauma.

This Aura system gets weaker and unstable in which it could lead to demonic attraction, the human in this situation is an easy victim. Do you know that demonic entities can smell your weakness and feel your spiritual system?

Demons need more energy to attack or possess strong and stable human rather than weaker human( feels down and weak) that’s why demons usually try to work on you well and your mental power before attacking or haunting you. There are some facts people don’t know about these entities, for example, demonic entities could live a long time in your place, waiting for the right moment to appear or attack.

They will try to cause troubles, hate, aggression, and sadness, and then if they succeed, the next step will be to engage more and more into the human life till it reaches complete possession or destruction.

Black magic experiences

P.S / Warning: I apologize for the grammar mistakes below. This part of my life is so terrifying that it scares to even recollect these memories, and typing it down feels like re-living it all over. Thus, I am not going to edit it or rewrite it. It took me a couple of days to pen this post down as every time I sat down to type it.

I was so lost, afraid, and left with that age-old sickening feeling because of which either I couldn’t type everything I wanted to in the post or I ended up making many grammatical mistakes. That being said, I hope no else goes through such things in their lifetime.

experiences with black magic

Alright, I’m going to share my experience before scrolling down to read what others have written. But before that, I’d like to make a few things clear. I’m an atheist and do not believe in god/gods. However astrology does intrigue me (I’m lucky enough to have family members who happen to practice astrology as a hobby and a skill passed down the generations.) and I believe I’m pretty sensitive about people and environments I live, work, visit.

Going back 20years, my mum was a perfectly normal, very healthy, and extremely active person. However, after attending my uncle’s wedding when I was about 6 years old, my mother’s health rapidly declined and she started acting weird.

She avoided talking, wasn’t interested in looking after me or my then baby brother, would spend much of her time not doing anything, and always complain about the pain she felt when she heard any sort of sound. Unusual things started happening at home. Windows that were shut would open by themselves or shut if they were left open.

The gas cylinders would leak for no reason, my mum would wake up screaming in the night and always complied of body pain and other ailments. Everybody who noticed this believed she had lost her mind or that she was possessed. She turned violent and extremely abusive.

However, I assumed that she was acting as I had not experienced anything what so ever. A few years passed and by the time I was about 15–16 my mum had become extremely sick and her health would rapidly decline every time we visited my father’s relatives. So much so that we have had to take her to the hospital directly as she’d become bedridden.

My family had been visiting a Sadhu who performed Vamachara (black magic) and he told my parents that my father’s family had done Bhanamati(black magic) on my mother and some spirits were tormenting my mother and causing havoc in Thebes house. If not treated she’d probably die.

However, I thought that the Sadhu was ripping us off and that my parents are foolish to spend big bucks on such things. He had told us that the black magic was down on a Woden doll with nails pinned all over its body to inflict pain into my mother’s body and noose tied to chock and kill my mum.

He even told us that the doll had been placed in a glass bottle with pig’s blood and it’s buried in front of the main entrance at one of our relative’s homes and that my mum was first attacked when she visited their house.

Years down the line a cousin of mine who lived with my uncle and grandfather (father’s side – rest do my dad’s fam lives together in a joint family with about 17 family members) confirmed that my uncle and grandpa had actually brought and buried something at the front door just before my uncle’s wedding. It was later removed by them.

As years passed we sold our home due to the odd things happen there and constantly moved houses every year for about 7–8years and never disclosed our home address to any of my father’s relatives. In 2008–09, my father foolishly brought his brother home to visit us (this was his 2nd visit to us in about 27 years).

Soon after he left odd things started happening at home. I and my mother would have the same nightmares on the same nights and whatever we cooked in the house would go bad in a matter of 2–3 hours, the rice would turn red or blue and mum started complaining about being hit, pushed over while in the bathroom or the kitchen.

One day I and mum were in the living room chatting about what was happening in the house and as we were looking at the kitchen entrance, the big curtain between the living room and kitchen flew up and touched the ceiling. It then came down and stood still. We were terrified and it scares me even today to recollect.

I told her to not think about it and went on to check if there was any wind blowing from kitchen windows. To my disappointment, none of the windows in the house was open as it was December and winter. This was the first time I saw something like this. Things just got worst from here.

We lost our family business, both dad and mum became seriously ill. Regularly use to have drops of blood at the entrance of our house and a crow would visit us every single day. It would be sitting on our entrance gate for a couple of hours every day and wouldn’t leave until we fed him.

We were bankrupt for the next 4 years. Since then we have visited numerous healers, black magicians and done all that was told to us. Even the Black Magician whom my family consulted earlier told us that he couldn’t do much to protect us at that stage since the black magic done on the whole family was way too strong with multiple spirits and animal sacrifices.

He suggested that our best hope was to pray sincerely and visit a few temples in Kerala and seek protection. He even performed several rituals regularly free of cost to help us and protect the family members. Since then we have moved about 4 houses again and things have subsided.

We have been through regression and reiki therapy and my family performs several rituals and poojas regularly at home. Now we stay anonymous and do not invite any relatives home. 2 years ago my family consulted a black magician from Kerala and asked him to perform counter black magic on those who were troubling us with black magic.

He told us that the person who had been behind it would come down with a stroke within the next 20 days and boom my dad’s brother and his father came down with not one but multiple strokes. Since then they have become incapacitated and are in deep financial troubles.

We do occasionally have dreams even now but the last bone-chilling experience was about 3 years ago whenever I started dreaming about an anonymous lady who would come into my dream telling me to be safe and the next day my mother and I ended up having the same dream of a scary voice telling us that’s it will not spare us and will kill us.

The following day the lady returned in my dream and told me to look after my mother and that something bad was going to happen to us. Within the next few hours, I got a call from my parents saying that our pet dog of 2 years had just passed away. While this happened I had been living overseas for about a year.

This is my experience. It might seem unbelievable to a few or as an outright lie to others but this is what I and my family experienced.





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